Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Orleans Nightlife

The prominent Royal Street

Supreme Court of Louisiana

Facinating Art

Cafe Du Monte is extremely popular in NOLA since 1862.  So I had to go.  Excellent French coffee!  I will go back there for a larger cup tomorrow morning.

Jackson Square

Saint Louis Cathedral

Live Jazz at the restaurants near French Market Place
Seafood Gumbo + Live Jazz = Great Time!

Mississippi River.  View from Woldenberg Park.

RTA Railroad by the River

8.7 mile walk today: both day and night


  1. Lorna P.1/17/2014

    Hi Kate, Your blog inspires me! I am single female in my mid 20 and traveling to New Orleans for the first time. I read about how violent New Orleans be and how to avoid some part of town at night. What time is too late for you to go out alone? Thank you for your time.

    1. Hello Lorna,
      I felt very safe there. Get familiar with the city before you go. I do a lot of research before I get to every new place. I had a list of places to go, the gps was always handy and I stayed where the crowds were at all time in French Quarter. I went back to hotel right after dinner (around 7pm). Hotel was 2 blocks away. I just got tired from walking all day. I think it's still safe to stay out there for another hour.