Monday, January 6, 2014

New Orleans Neighborhood Tour

There are numerous companies that offer New Orleans Neighborhood tours and the list is worth of every respect.  

Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square was a place of the inaugurations and all the important events for over 150 years. It features teh free summer concert series and fall blues music festival.
Lafayette Square in Central Business District

Warehouse District (Arts District)

Crescent's city Art District was only recently revitalized to bring back to life galleries, restaurants and museums. The district was reshaped from the trading to the artistic by the opening of the Contemporary Arts Center in 1979.
Warehouse District (Arts District)

Port of New Orleans
This is the 6th largest port in the county and it was previously designed to handle containers.
Port of New Orleans.  It has the longest wharf in the world.

RTA Railroad near Port of New Orleans
The city transportation network is out of a modest railroads and streets near it's port.

RTA Railroad near Port of New Orleans

Canal Street District
During the 18th and 19th century Canal Street was a border between Spanish and French parts of New Orleans. IN the late 19 century it is growing into a remarkably successful business and commerce center.

Canal Street District

Day 2 in New Orleans: French Quarter, Lafayette Square, Riverwalk, Port of New Orleans, Warehouse District and Canal Street District

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