Thursday, January 16, 2014

Da Fish Fry at Arawak Cay

Da Fish Fry refers to the line of Bahamian restaurants at Arawak Cay.  Walking distance from my hotel..  That surprised the sweet local folks I talked to.  They suggested me to take the bus on my return trip :)  But I didn't listen..
Good seafood.  Enjoyed the conch!  

Arawak Cay is a fine place to visit and blend with the locals. The food is considered to be great and special specially steamed fish, lobsters conch fritters and chicken. 

The placed is ranked high in the attraction list in Nassau, full featured outdoors fun. Da Fish Fry is well known restaurant place with over 30 restaurants and vivid food stand. 

Buses are cheap and secure way to investigate this place too.This artificially built sand ground is by the far the most interesting place to visit on the island. The attractions include storytelling porch, Bahamian rock oven and an open stage with the grass area for the concerts.

All these green buildings are police stations.

Junkanoo Beach.  Half way from my hotel to the Arawak Cay.

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