Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bye Bye Bad Craving

I don't recall when this drinking pattern started but I used to drink before bed every single night (I never drink when I travel solo).  I almost never slept through the night unless I was really exhausted.

Ten weeks ago, I decided that I would stop buying alcoholic beverages to see if I would still wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night.  Just a self-discipline.  (I know I won't die from drinking.  In fact, consuming a glass of red wine may prevent from heart disease.  The thing is that I couldn't stop after the first glass, knowing that there's more available in the bottle and that it wouldn't hurt to pour another round.

I managed to finish 3 bottles of wine and the last bottles of beer in refrigerator in 2 weeks. 

My spending on grocery is now significantly lower.  I have not been drinking on a regular basis for 8 weeks. If that was too painful, I wouldn't have tortured myself.  Come on, you only live once.  But I felt just fine.  I proved myself that i was NOT addicted to alcohol and I absolutely CAN live without it.

I drink when I have partner(s) or when I hang out with buddies.  It is perfectly fine for socializing or celebrating for something good.  Drinking alone before bed for no good reason is a no-no.  And yes, I have been sleeping soundly ever since.

That's how I completed one item in my bucket list.  It is easier than I sounds.