Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mission Peak II

I was here a week ago and turned around half way.  I came with a large hiking group today.  I made it the top of Mission Peak.  It was windy most part of the time.  Much cooler than last week.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Running for a Passion

Day 41

10/27 Hiked at Mission Peak

Day 42
The best running pace, up to date, is 9:23 min for the first mile and average 9:56 min/mile on Day 22.

New Swim Workout
1 x 50 yd warm up + 1 x 50 yd kicks + 4  x 25 yd freestyle + 2 x 50 yd freestyle + 2 x 75 yd free style + 1 x 50 yd free style = 500 yd.
My goal is to swim 500 yd non stop in 15 minutes.
It will take a while, but I'm working on it!
25 OCT 13
swim practice (14)
26 OCT 13 swim practice (15)
27 OCT 13 swim practice (16)
28 OCT 13 swim practice (17)
29 OCT 13 swim lesson day 8 (last day at beginner level)

1 x 50 yd warm up + 1 x 50 yd kicks + 2  x 25 yd freestyle + 2 x 25 yd dolphin/butterfly + 2 x 50 yd freestyle + 2 x 100 yd free style  = 500 yd.
30 OCT 13
swim practice (18)
31 OCT 13 swim practice (19)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October. No Excursion..

No traveling for the entire month.

Not even a weekend getaway.
It's hard.

I pushed back my South Dakota trip to next year due to the horrible weather.

Well I just booked for Bahamas trip.  I am going in January!

Sorry, Leo.  No Road Trips anytime soon.
It's a bit tough to live without traveling.  My next trip is not going to be until Thanksgiving week.

Until then, I just have to commit to work, run, hike and swim to achieve my goals.
And I will be putting in some hours for volunteering at American Red Cross. Too many tasks, too little time.  And no travel!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mission Peak

I didn't make it to the Peak.  I'll come back with a hiking group.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can't Stop Endurance

Day 38

10/20 Hiked at Mission Peak

Day 39

Day 40
Swimming Routine
Now that I can swim a lap without stopping in the middle, I coach myself with the following swim workout for daily practice.
1 50 warm up + 1 50 kicks + 4  25 freestyle + 4 50 freestyle = 400yrds.  Will add 2 75yd soon.
19 OCT 13
swim practice (11)
20 OCT 13 swim practice (12)
21 OCT 13 swim practice (13)
22 OCT 13 swim lesson day 7

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Out Running

Day 36

Day 37 (1 of 2): Not feeling good, running after a big meal, in this weather.  Promise I'll make up..

Day 37 (2 of 2): Sorry, I have to prioritize swim practices at this point..
My blog hits 10,000 views today.  It was less than 1,000 in July 2013, when I came back to blogger after no activity for 2 years.  
09 JUL 13
29 SEP 13 7,000 views
18 OCT 13 10,000 views

 Swimming Routine 
14 OCT 13
swim practice (7)
15 OCT 13 swim lesson day 5
16 OCT 13 swim practice (8) 
Today I was able to swim the entire lap without stopping in the middle.  For the first time in life!  This is a momentous acheivement to me.  I had never gone under water intentionally until this swim lesson day 1, which was 2 weeks ago.
17 OCT 13
swim lesson AM day 6;  swim practice PM (9)
18 OCT 13 swim practice (10)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bye Bye Bad Craving

I don't recall when this drinking pattern started but I used to drink before bed every single night (I never drink when I travel solo).  I almost never slept through the night unless I was really exhausted.

Ten weeks ago, I decided that I would stop buying alcoholic beverages to see if I would still wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night.  Just a self-discipline.  (I know I won't die from drinking.  In fact, consuming a glass of red wine may prevent from heart disease.  The thing is that I couldn't stop after the first glass, knowing that there's more available in the bottle and that it wouldn't hurt to pour another round.

I managed to finish 3 bottles of wine and the last bottles of beer in refrigerator in 2 weeks. 

My spending on grocery is now significantly lower.  I have not been drinking on a regular basis for 8 weeks. If that was too painful, I wouldn't have tortured myself.  Come on, you only live once.  But I felt just fine.  I proved myself that i was NOT addicted to alcohol and I absolutely CAN live without it.

I drink when I have partner(s) or when I hang out with buddies.  It is perfectly fine for socializing or celebrating for something good.  Drinking alone before bed for no good reason is a no-no.  And yes, I have been sleeping soundly ever since.

That's how I completed one item in my bucket list.  It is easier than I sounds.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Running for Speed

Day 33

Day 34
A bit tough to speed up with traffic lights and stop signs..

10/12 - walked about 6 miles in San Francisco.  Completely forgot to trace.  >:(

Day 35

Swimming Routine
09 OCT 13
swim practice (4)
10 OCT 13 swim lesson day 4 + swim practice (5)
11 OCT 13 swim practice (6)
Dedication!  Chlorine burns and scrapes from the pool.  It hurts.  Just can't stop endurance.
Let's see how many swim lessons and practice I would need before reaching the swimming goal.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Remain Running plus Swimming

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31

Combination with a workout class, tennis and/or swimming.. 
It is definitely harder to do the better running pace..

Day 32
Ok, it's messed up.  After running about three quarters of a mile I realize that I forgot to change the workout category back to running, since yesterday's gym class.

 A new routine starting October
01 OCT 13
swim lesson day 1
03 OCT 13 swim lesson day 2
05 OCT 13 swim practice (1)
06 OCT 13 swim practice (2)
07 OCT 13 swim practice (3)
08 OCT 13 swim lesson day 3