Sunday, September 29, 2013


My blog hits 7000 views today.  It was less than 1000 in July 2013, when I came back to blogger after no activity for 2 years.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rancho San Antonio

The Essence of Running

9/27 Hiked at Rancho San Antonio

Day 27

 9/29 Hiked at Edgewood

Day 28

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Castle Rock

Another awesome hike with 15 others.

Back to Routine

Day 21 - 9/19 Ran 2 miles at Shoreline but left phone at home (very sloppy!)

9/20 Hiked at Castle Rock

Day 22 (the best pace so far)
It will take a while to reach my running goal which is okay.  I don't want to exhaust myself by overdoing it.  Moderation is the key!

Day 23

Day 24

9/24 Crazy day.  Too much pressure..

Day 25

Day 26

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cabo San Lucas

I got the first stamp in my first US passport!  Yayyyy.  Cabo beaches are absolutely fascinating.

View from the resort

If you haven’t been to Cabo San Lucas, you won’t know the fun you are missing. My mind was totally blown away by the amazing things the city had to offer.

Restless Cabo Waves

Cabo San Lucas is a city located in Mexico with a population of over 68,000. Dubbed as one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations, Cabo San Lucas is famous for its beaches, sea arch, diving locations and marine life. Mexicans and foreigners are continually attracted to Cabo San Lucas because of its beaches, sport fishing and surfing opportunities.


MEGA Supermarket


We rented a car for freedom of exploring local places and culture.  (And it is cheaper than paying taxi fares for several trips).  It is impossible to find free parking at top tourist areas.  Parking costs around 10 Pesos (about a dollar) per 15 minutes.  Just like other tourist attractions in the world, we met people trying to tout products, services and deals.  

There were some crazy dirt roads to access to beaches.  As always, driving was fun, though I did get lost driving without the 'G'lobal 'P'ositioning 'S'ystem.  Had to learn how to use the map.

Marina Cabo San Lucas, View from Plaza Bonita

Marina Cabo San Lucas is the ideal place to go after a long and eventful day at the beach. Here you will see old ships, fishing boats, yachts, and so many restaurants and bars.

US dollars were accepted everywhere we went.  People would tell you different exchange rates.  Less Peso per dollar of course.  The heat was pretty intense.  No way to walk around in the sun for a long time.  

The Arch

Glass bottom boats are the best way to go see the famous arch. The views from that ferry were so awesome, and I took my time to take enough cool photos, which I shared onthis blog when I returned home. So if you wish to take a ride in one of nature’s finest, then Cabo San Lucas is the place to take that ride in a glass bottom boat.

We took a glass bottom boat from Medano beach to Lover's beach, to see the Arch, instead of taking a water taxi from the tourist spot.  Parking is free at Medano beach and it is safe to leave your car there.  

The window

Scooby-Doo Rock (in the middle)

 The glass bottom boat ride was awesome.  The view from Lover's beach was just stunning.
View from Lover's beach

Local people know English very well.  They are very polite and amiable.  
I noticed there were more employees/sellers than customers even on the weekend.  No wait.  No line.  No crowds.  My guess is because the kids are back in school, the Americans don't travel as much as the do in summer.  Most tourists are Americans.  We didn't hear anybody speaking any other languages but English or Spanish.

On the way back to the Airport
I came back with less cash in wallet, less clothes, 50% less sunblock, no gifts or extra items but a can of mosquito spray, no sunburn, and at least 50 mosquito bites (even on fingers and toes).  
Overall experience was Great!  And I completed 2 items in my bucket list.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cabo Beaches

if you ever find yourself in Mexico, make sure you visit Cabo San Lucas, and I assure you that you will love the views and the beaches.

El Chilano Beach

Santa Maria Beach

Medano Beach

Lover's Beach

Lover’s Beach is one of Cabo’s hot spots where lovers go to have a really good time. You can even take your dinner to Lover’s Beach, make some new friends and hang out with them.

Divorce Beach

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stevens Creek

An awesome hike with 12 others