Sunday, August 4, 2013

Salton Sea

Salton Sea is a result of the fatal accident made by engineers who miscalculated the water flow of the Colorado River during the flood season some time in the 1900s. 

One of my buddies told me about Salton Sea months ago.  I finally made it.

The irrigation canals couldn't take so much water and it poured into a dried up bed of the California dessert. During the 50's and 60's it was a booming tourist attraction but soon after it started to change because of the constant infusion of the agriculture chemicals. 

Dead Fish were everywhere.  The flies were extremely annoying.  105 degrees here.

Soon it became an organic soup and once a very attractive destination became a stinky stain everyone was running away from.
Little towns made around it are practically sitting on the edge of the death and most of the inhabitants left in the last few decades.

The water in the lake is 50% saltier than the Pacific Ocean.  The surface is 200+ feet below sea level.

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