Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Air Mobility Command Museum

Part of the reason I drove to Delaware was to visit this museum.  

Located in Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Air Mobile Command Museum is the only museum in the United States dedicated to Aircraft and Air Refueling history.

I love this Uniform.

The Air Mobility Command Museum is the best place to learn all about the Air Craft history.
It features a few spectacular exhibits and remarkable list of the old planes.

The most notable exhibits included in the tour are:

Berlin Airlift
Behind Closed Doors
Korean War
Dover Team
Clark Airborne Tractor Model CA-1
Enlisted Heritage
C-47 Engine Change
Dover AFB Control Tower

The most impressive planes from the Tour are:
C-124 Globemaster "Old Shaky" which is so huge that has the double decks and a capacity to lift up in the air a smaller village if necessary.
The next is a completely refurbished B-17G Flying Fortress and the last is the T-33A Shooting Star with it's shiny armor, first called Skunk Works ( it was a secret project) and flown under the nickname "Lulu-Belle."

All the planes exhibited in the Air Mobility Command Museum are a very important part of the Air Craft history and flying in general and many of them completed numerous assignments and missions.