Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocky Mountains

What can I say?   U-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e! 

Rocky Mountains also called Rockies are famous mountain range in western North America. They were formed between 55-80 million years ago. These mountains are famous for having the highest peaks in North America central.  The rocks in Rocky Mountains were however formed before tectonic forces raised the mountains.
Lava Cliffs

Words cannot fully describe my experience at Rocky Mountains.  You need to go see the Rockies by yourself!
Imposing Views of the Rockies
Basically, majority of the attractions at Rocky Mountains are located in Rocky Mountain National Park. Alluvial Fan is a place you can view nature at its best.  Here you will see how destructive water can be and how the power of water has changed a lot of things in a short time. My visit to this national park in Rocky Mountains was worth it and I believe you will have a great time as well if you visit Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mountains.

Bear Lake Trailhead is another attraction at Rocky Mountain National park. It is a half-mile hiking trail that will give you a clear view of beautiful forests and lakes in the park.

Adams Falls Trail is an easy and short hiking trail. The view at the peak of the trail is simply out of this world.

Sprague Lake is a very gentle and beautiful lake in Rocky Mountain National park. This is an ideal place to have your breakfast and start off your day on the bright side of nature. Lovers/couples always love Sprague’s lakeside because of its peaceful nature and its reflective water.

Awesome hiking trails

Rocky Mountains occupy a very large area, but all the major attractions in Rocky Mountains are in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The closest airport to the park is DEN. From the airport you can then use public transportation to Rocky Mountain National Park.  I do prefer driving the rental car.
You can take Greybound bus services to get to Rocky Mountain National Park. Greybound is the most popular and effective bus service in this region. 

My hotel, The Este Park Resort

I went solo hiking for a weekend.  I drove back from the Rockies to Denver Airport to catch my flight after hiking on the same day.
My family/friends think it's crazy (but awesome).

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