Friday, July 12, 2013

Miami & Key West

Miami doesn't need a special introduction. Everybody knows it, but the thing that people maybe have no idea about is the horrid fact that the land was forcefully taken away by the Spanish conquistadors from the native Indians, the Tequestas, who literary disappear in the next 250 years due to diseases, war and relocation.
It's so Miami!
Today, Miami is called the American Casablanca and it developed into a multicultural town which serves as a gateway to Latin America. It is the third tourist center in the United States right after the LA and NY. The entertainment and tourism are the largest source of the city's income and it is also the biggest port for the cruse ships.

South Beach

160 mile drive from Miami to Key West

Key West is more beautiful than the rest of the Miami. Middle Florida and the near purlieus of Orlando are both more or less lame because of the swamps, plains, wetlands, mosquitoes. 

At some point the intense and sweltering heat starts to be too much. As a tourist destination, of course, it is a great place, I recommend it by all means. Parks are well decorated, hotels are great, and the most stunning sight, the azure blue sea is amazing. 

Key West is a small place you can discover it all in a day and you will not need a car or a taxi for that task. Mostly, all the attractions worth seen are the outdoors, so you can't miss them.  And the Food in Key West - oh, so good!

Every Restaurant I tried treated me well with Caribbean food
Key Lime Pie.  It was okay.. I'm just not a huge fan of sugary desserts.  (except for Asian Treats)

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