Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I took a red-eye flight and landed at 6:30AM (3:30AM California time) in Atlanta, Georgia.
The plan was to get a rental car, have breakfast and drive 200 miles to Alabama to visit the famous Civil Rights Museum which opened at 10AM.

Once I crossed the State border, I realized that I was in Central Time Zone.  I got to Birmingham an hour early!  So I decided to check out the Iron Man that I saw from far away on freeway.  

Vulcan The Iron Man, World's Largest Iron Statue

Civil Rights Museum
Very informative.  I learned the important history.  Got in for the half price, using my handy-dandy Student ID.
Unfortunately, no cameras allowed inside the museum.

MLK Statue in Birmingham

I drove 200 miles back to Atlanta on the same day.  I had a good time alone.

Alabama is my 28th State visited.
Alabama.  Visited June 2013