Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salt Lake Desert

Sodium Chloride

The Great Salt Lake Desert is located in the northwest of Utah, between the border with Nevada and the Great Salt Lake.  Surrounded and protected by several mountain ranges, this desert is mostly famous for the white salt deposits it features and the unusual vegetation it harbors.
Walking on the NaCl (Sodium Chloride) crust that covers this vast wilderness is an inciting experience.  Definitely worths the visit!

Another characteristic of this high desert, situated more than 4,000 feet above sea level, is its extreme temperatures with hot arid days and cold nights.  The temperature drops to extreme levels after the dark sets in, so I can imagine it could not be a pleasant experience to get lost here.  Don't get lost at night time!

The endless plain of the desert is what remains of the dried up Lake Bonneville, name that is mostly known in the United States for Bonneville Flats race track, where most land speed records were set several decades ago.  People still come here to drive around the salt flats.  Motorcycle ride here is simple awesome.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Salt Lake City

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Las Vegas

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is located in eastern Utah, United States. Its main location is on the Colorado River about 6km from Moab in Utah. The park is characterized by thousands of natural sandstone arches, and among them is the popular Delicate Arch. The park is also known to harbor lots of amazing and significant geological resources.

This area was formerly a National Monument but in November of 1971, it was renamed a National Park. One interesting fact about this park is that it plays host to over 750,000 visitors every year. This is a literal wonderland of red rocks that will blow your mind away when you visit the place.

Landscape Arch

Attractions At Arches National Park

1. Tower of Babel

I know the religious folks are interested in knowing more about this tower, because it was mentioned in the Holy Bible. Well this amazing tower can be viewed from the roadside, and it is located north of the Courthouse Towers (Tower of Babel is one of the Courthouse Towers). These Courthouse Towers are huge and made of natural sandstone, and they basically forms the background of the western part of the Park. If you have never visited this place, you are definitely missing a lot. If I were you, I will make Arches National Park, Utah my next travel destination, if you have never been yet.

2. Garden of Eden

You are sure to see the Garden of Eden when on a 2.5 mile scenic drive out of The Window Section of the park. This is the perfect place to get a clear view of some of the park's terrain, and this won't even require you to walk around before you can view the terrain and landscapes of Arches National Park. So what are you waiting for, travel to Arches National Park, Utah today and experience nature like never before.

3. Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is one of the most popular arch in Arches National Park, Utah. The opening of the arch can be estimated to be 14m tall and 10m wide, and this arch has a lot of nicknames resulting from its unique structure. If you really wish to see and feel the awesomeness of this arch, then make Arches National Park, Utah your next travel destination.

4. Fiery Furnace

Every time the evening sun sets in, there is this red and orange glows that emanates from tall fins made of Entranda sandstone and Canyons. They are all natural and not man-made as some of you might want to speculate.

5. Primitive Trail

This is the ideal location for hikers, but you might want to stay away from this area if you are not an experienced hiker because, there are some very tricky spots on the trail.  I warned you!

Tunnel Arch

Courthouse Towers

Pine Tree Arch

Balance Rock