Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #75: Arc De Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe.  Paris.  France.  February 2015.
Overview of the Arc De Triomphe, Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe is a popular monument in Paris, France. It is one of the best tourist locations in Paris. It is situated at the center of the  Place de l'Étoile also named as  Place Charles de Gaulle. The Arc de Triomphe pay respect to people who battled and give their life for France, in the Napoleonic Battles and French Revolution. The monument includes the titles of all French triumphs and the general name are written on its inside and outside areas. From World War I,  the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is situated underneath its vault.

Top Attractions

Axe Historique
The Axe Historique also popularly referred as Voie Triomphale is a line of buildings, monuments and thoroughfares which expand through the middle of the Paris. The Axe Historique started out with the construction of the Champs Élysées, developed in the seventeenth century to build a landscape to the west side, stretching the middle axis of the  Royal PalaceTuileries garden. The Arc de Triomphe is the main attraction part of the Axe Historique. It is also the main route to visit the Grande Arche de la Défense.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from first world war is located under the Arc monument. The tomb has the 1st endless flame lighted in Eastern and Western Europe ever since the Vestal Virgins' flames were put out within the 4th century. Thus, It burns up in memory of the fighters who gave their lives, and  who have been certainly not recognized in the two world wars.

There are beautiful sculptures around the Arc. The notable sculptures are La Marseillaise by François Rude,  Jean-Pierre Cortot's Le Triomphe de 1810, Antoine Étex's La Résistance de 1814 and La Paix de 1815.

At the façades of the Arc 6 reliefs, sculptures are staying, symbolizing significant occasions of the Napoleonic period and the French Revolution that consist of: The Battle of Jemappes, The Battle of Aboukir, General Marceau's burial, The Battle of Arcole, The Battle of Austerlitz and The Fall of Alexandria. You can find 21 sculpted roses in the ceiling of the Arc.

How to get in the Arc De Triomphe, Paris, France

You can visit Arc De Triomphe, Paris by metro and train. You can catch a train from  Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile railway station or visit by metro lines 1,2,6 and line A of the RER.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #74: Volcan Poa

Volcan Poas.  Costa Rica.  January 2015.

Overview of the Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

The Poas Volcano National Park is situated in Costa Rica. The area of the park is approximately 25 square miles and  the peak is 8900 ft. The volcano is located in the Central Volcanic Conservation Region situated in the Alajuela Province. The main crater of Poas Volcano National Park is 950 feet deep and it's also pretty active with typical lava eruptions and small geyser. Two additional craters make-up areas of the Poas Volcano National park, the first crater is extinct Von Frantzuis  and another is the Botos crater. The park is often shut down to visitors due to sulfuric gas emissions.

Top Attractions

The Botos Crater lake
The Botos Crater is one of the top attractions of Poas Volcano National Park. The Botos crater lake is actually an attractive green water lake having a dimension of almost 900 feet. The Lake flows straight down from the mountain and finished to the Sarapiqui River. For about 7,500 years, the Botos crater hasn't erupted yet.

You will find 3 notable trails in the Poas Volcano National Park. Crater Trail is usually a 2,460 foot long  way to the main crater. The Botos Lake Trail is actually a 1 / 2 mile long trail. The 30-minute hike finished at a beautiful picnic spot.

Flora & Fauna
The Poas Volcano National Park is the home of more than eighty bird species, such as black guans, sooty robins, great curassows, squirrel cuckoos, hummingbirds and so on. Baird's tapirs, rabbits, squirrels, and bats are rarely seen. Plants including royal broom zorrillos, orchids, and poor man's umbrellas are renowned for having the biggest  leaves of any plant in Costa Rica.

Green/Yellow lagoon
One of the most available active volcanoes on earth, a flat hiking trails remain in the park resulting in an incredible view of the 2nd-widest crater in the earth.  The beautiful green/yellow lagoon is located at the center of it. It is  the most acidic and largest volcanic lagoon on a planet which is nearly 1000 feet in depth.

How to get to the Poas Volcano National Park

You can reserve a tour bus online or from any hotels near San Jose to visit the Poas Volcano National Park. You can also visit the park by the public bus from San Jose which is the cheapest way. There are two buses goes to the park. One is a private bus departs from Parque La Merced and the other is a TUASA bus leaves from Avenida 2.  I rented a car at San Jose airport and drove up there.  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #73: Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA.  Rapid City.  South Dakota.  August 2014
Overview Of the Bear Country, USA
Bear Country is situated in Rapid City. The City represents the earth’s biggest collection of black bears. Having a relaxing 3 mile drive-thru this magnificent wildlife park located on 200 acres of Black Hills natural beauty wherever you'll see grizzly bears, black bears, as well as more than 20 other kinds of North American wildlife animals such as wolves, elk, and buffalo all straight from the convenience of your motor vehicle. Following the drive through trip, move to Babyland where you can watch baby bears play on the outside.

Top Attractions

Babyland is located in Bear Country, Rapid City. It is a home for little bears where they are raising securely. It is a privately owned park. After visiting the Bear Country Park, you must visit to spend some time with these baby bears. When you enter the park you will see 8-10 baby bears are playing in the trees. You can enjoy the whole scenery right in front of them. Although it will be a refreshing trip after visiting the Bear Country. It is situated near to the park, so it's not hard to be finding it. 

Bear Country-The Park
Bear Country is a park situated in Rapid City. It is one of the top attraction places of South Dakota. As you already know that the park is 200 acres in the area so it's a big park. You have to walk away or drive to visit the park.

The Drive Thru 
While driving through You can watch wildlife animals such as Arctic Wolves, Elk, Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Reindeer and so many kinds of other animals. The animals are beautiful and there are many kinds of bears are staying inside the park. You can feel the thrill when the bear will walk beside or in front of your vehicle. You can also enjoy the countryside through drive while watching the wildlife. It will be a memorable experience visiting this awesome park with your family.  

How to get in the Bear Country, USA
You can take a flight to Rapid City regional airport.  You need a car to visit this beautiful park.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #72: Hawaii Volcano National Park

Night view of Kilauea Volcano.  Hawaii Volcano National Park.  Big Island.  Hawaii.  June 2014.

Overview Of The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii

The Hawaii Volcanos National Park is situated 30 miles southwest from Hilo. It was established in 1916 and the park area is about 333,000 acres from the peak of Maunaloa to the sea. Here in the park you can enjoy 150 miles long trails through scalding deserts, volcanic craters, and rainforest. You can also see a museum, a walk in a lava tube and petroglyphs. There are two active volcanoes: Kilauea and Maunaloa. The park is a part of World Heritage Site.

Top Attractions

Kilauea Volcano 
Kilauea Volcano is  the only drive-in volcano in the world. At present, this massive volcano provides 250,000-650,000 cubic yards of lava each day. The volcano goddess which is popularly known as Pele situated here. The present eruption may possibly continue another 100 years or more, but the Pele can not be predicted.  One of the main causes to visit  Kilauea Volcano is the opportunity to view the blistering lava passes to meet the sea.

Crater Rim Drive
Crater Rim Drive is the 10.6 mile driveway that circles around Kilauea Caldera. Traveling  around this loop will get you to the park's main sights:  Jaggar Museum, Devastation Trail, Halemaumau Crater, Thurston Lava Tube and the Kilauea Iki Crater Overlook.

Thomas A. Jaggar Museum
Thomas A. Jaggar has developed the Volcanology research in Kilauea. Right here you will see maps, geologic displays, and videos about the research of volcanoes.

Thurston Lava Tube (Nahuku)
It is a lava cave which is 500 years old. The cave was formed due to an underground  channel of molten lava just drained from cooled wall surfaces and creating a big hollow chamber. At the end side of the tube, a tropical rainforest is waiting for you.

Chain of Craters Road
Chain of Craters Road  is 3,700 foot  driveway and ultimately it's finishes  where a flow of lava has actually surpassed the road.

Halemaumau Crater
It is generally recognized as the house of the Pele. The Halemaumau Crater is the Goddess of Volcanoes.  In the year of 1967,  Halemaumau Crater was filled up with lava that gradually drained away.

How to get to The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a 45-minute long driveway alongside the Highway 11 from the Hilo.

"Like all great travelers,  I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen."  -Benjamin Disraeli